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On disc: De Profundis

A Bleak Reflection - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

A Bleak Reflection

A Bleak Reflection
(Kolony Records - 2010)

The new De Profundis album is out now, fans were waiting for A Bleak Reflection to see the light of days for about 3 years since the release of the highly acclaimed debut Beyond Redemption.
Slowly they head into the album with The Ephemeral Burden, a melancholy intro which features Pippa Mason on cello. At Ablaze In Autumn's Fire they stick to atmospheric sound, partly melancholy, but also with some glimpses of hope. Due to the deep growls of Craig Land they cross the border to death metal. The British combine doom and death, add a dash of melancholy and create soundscapes. Towards the end of this 10+ minute long song they add some fast passages, but always fall back into the doomy sound. They storm off into the darkness with Nocturnal Splendour, but then reduce the speed a bit. The heavy riffs force them ahead, due to the powerful production the vocals aren't drowning in fast drumming and heavy riffs. After an atmospheric part with whispered words they storm off into a blackish blast part - and surprise the listener with more twists and turns. And that's what makes A Bleak Reflection work, the different shades of extreme metal melt into the intense De Profundis sound. Another good pick to check out this album is Cold Is The Grave, coz it will take you into the sonic world of De Profundis. Towards the end the guitar seems to sing which makes this part almost catchy, but then Land's growls are back. Cool track. Longing is an instrumental journey which starts almost happy, but even this one has twists and turns. The closer is called The Mourner and brings back Pippa Mason on cello. An up-tempo track with some reminiscences to traditional heavy metal hidden in the dark soundscapes. The slower, doomy parts are almost depressive... Like all hope is gone, but then the guitars seem to lighten up the dark. Great closer which surely will make you pick up this album again!
It might seem that the sound of De Profundis is soon boring, but the British offer twists and turns. The know how to keep the listeners attention, even during songs which are about 10 minutes. Everybody who is into a doom death mix should check them out!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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