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On stage: Annihilator

- Annihilator - Waking The Fury-Tour 2002 - On the road with friends -

- May, 11th 2002 - Bradford / Rio's -

- May, 12th 2002 - Dudley / JB's -

- May, 13th 2002 - London / The Underworld -

- May, 14th 2002 - London-Stanstedt to Eindhoven... -

- May, 15th / 16th 2002 - at home in Düssseldorf -

- May, 17th 2002 - Vosselaar / Biebob -

- May, 18th 2002 - Helmond / Plato -

- May, 19th 2002 - Zwolle / Hedon -

- May, 20th 2002 - Bochum / off-day -

- May, 21st 2002 - Bochum / Matrix -

- May, 22nd to 24th 2002 - at home in Düssseldorf -

- May, 25th 2002 - Offenbach / Hafenbahn -

- May, 26th to 30th 2002 - at home in Düssseldorf -

- May, 31st 2002 - Osnabrück / Works -

- June, 2nd 2002 - Aachen / Musikbunker -

Early this year I heard that Annihilator and Seven Witches will start their European tour in late April and will be around for about 4 weeks. Later when the dates been announced I decided to go to see them in the U.K., coz they should play at my birthday in Dudley. A nice idea, but after Nadja booked the flight, etc. the schedule got changed... So we arrived from London Stansted on May 8th in Birmingham. We spent 2 days in B'ham. Not one of the nicest towns, but we had fun.


May 11th 2002 - Bradford / Rio's

On Saturday May 11th we took a coach to Bradford. After a kind of lunch and buying some junk food we headed to Rio's. On our way we saw some of the guys and when we arrived at the venue a warm welcome by our friends from Annihilator, Seven Witches and the crew! Tour manager Michael gave us our guest passes and did a little chit-chat with some of the guys. It was a sunny after­noon and we were standing outside of the venue and talked to the bus driver of the supporters bus. Martin said after we told him that it seems that this will be our only show due to the change of the schedule that it would be okay for him to give us a lift to Dudley and then to London, but it depends on the bands. Nadja took a look for Jack Frost, coz he's the head of Seven Witches and so the one to talk to. When he saw me standing there with their bus driver he guessed what we wanted to talk about. He spoke to his band and also to the opening band Debase which we never met before. The Swedish were so kind to agree and so it seems that our trip could go on.
Nadja and I were looking for a cheap accommodation, coz the plan was that the bus should leave next morning. Soon we found a little hotel where we wanted to ask for a room. While we were waiting Michael, the tour manager and André   André (the merchandiser) walked in to check about the shower room. André asked Michael, if we could take the shower room when the bands were done and Michael agreed. So we checked the room with them and then left to pick up our luggage at the coach station. At the way to the coach station we called RyanAir to change our flights. When we returned to the venue we dropped our big blue bag at the bus and went to Bombay stores to get dinner at the Indian restaurant there.
Fans were already in the venue when we got back and got told that they changed plans and that busses will leave at 2 o'clock. Luckily we didn't checked in and paid for the room! We heard a song or two of Debase and left to pick up our backpack which we left at the hotel. We use the chance to take a shower and were back in time for the last 3 songs of Seven Witches.
After a break Annihilator entered the stage. It was the first time for Joe Comeau in the U.K. and the fans gave him a warm welcome. It also was the first time I saw them with the new line-up and it was amazing. Unfortunately not that much fans showed up for this show... After about 90 min. the band left the stage. The crew soon got the equipment loaded and there was enough time to hang out at Rio's. Some of the band members and most of the crew were enjoying the party at Rio's. Some might had a little too much alcohol... Guitar tech Kyle started a kind of table dance, but didn't stripped, just pretend it... A few more drinks and who knows what might have happened...
Then it was time to leave and so André did the count, everybody was at the bus we could start our travel to Dudley. For awhile everybody was sitting in the lounge and talking, but one after the other left to get some sleep. Especially because they couldn't buy any drinks at the truck stop, that's the way it is in the U.K.! We arrived at Dudley's JB's in the early morning, everybody was sleeping... The bus had to be parked in front of the venue, coz the gate was locked and we couldn't enter the parking lot.


May 12th 2002 - Dudley / JB's

When I woke up the bus was moved to the other side of the building. Almost everybody was already awake. The weather was fine and sunny. Around noon we could enter the JB's and took a look around. Catering wasn't ready... Luckily Seven Witches singer Wade Black had his own stuff and offered us a sandwich, so Nadja & I got some food. We are not part of the tour and so there wasn't catering for us, but we wouldn't have expected anything. And some were waiting for a shower...
Mean­while we had a little chit-chat with Jack about the Savatage tour where Nadja & I were working for Vicious Rumors, but that's another story!
Some wanted to make a trip to Birmingham which was just 9 miles away to get to Starbucks for a coffee. Jack was talking about taking a cab... We didn't wanted to wait and so Nadja, Brian Craig - drummer of Seven Witches - and I were taking the bus to B'ham. The bus took about 35 min. to B'ham city center, enough time to talk about all and everything. Arriving near Snow Hill station we first checked out Starbucks at Bull St. (if I recall the street name right...), but it was closed on Sunday afternoon... No problem, passing the cathedral, Cherry St. to Tower Road and the Starbucks at Martineau Plaza was opened. Brian invited us and we had a coffee and some muffins, etc. at their terrace. Sitting in the sun was pretty relaxing. Afterwards Brian wanted to check out the Virgin Megastore, but they didn't had Seven Witches... If it wouldn't be a Sunday afternoon and if we would have had more time, we would visited Reddingtons Rare Records at Digbeth, a store which is heaven for vinyl fans! So we caught a bus back to Dudley.
Back at the venue we decided to walk over to TESCO to buy some food for us, some guys of the crew ask us to get some stuff for them. At TESCO we couldn't get their stuff, but got some kind of dinner for us and had another coffee before heading back. When we returned it seems that everybody was a little bit under stress and we decided to get out of their way... We needed some hot water and because we weren't allowed to enter the catering we sent Debase guitarist Sigge to get it for us. When we asked him he looked a little puzzled, but then he turned and got us the hot water. Time to leave the crew working and so good books helped to kill time. While we were sitting on the stairs next to the nightliners first a security guard came to check what we were doing there, but left us sitting there. You have to know that in the U.K. almost everything, every place is observed by CCTV. It got cloudy and windy and Micke, singer of Debase thought that it was a little chilly and brought us some blankets. A few minutes later BigBig (sound tech) saw us, walked over and we had to get back into the venue... There we found a place where we could stay and read. A local crew member was bored and tried to entertain us, later we sent him to get us a coffee. Brian joined us when we got our coffee served. A little later we left, coz it was time to open the doors. First time we saw the Swedish quintet live. Okay, we had a glimpse of them yesterday... We didn't really know what to expect, but the band of singer Micke soon convinced us and also some of the fans at JB's. More about their live set in a concert review...
After they were done, we helped them taking their equipment off stage and so Seven Witches could start their show. Next change over, this time everything was brought to the trailer and got loaded. The break last a little longer, but then the Canadian / US-American quintet entered the stage. Decent set with songs from their debut to their latest release Waking The Fury. At the end of the set during Alice In Hell Joe Comeau had problems with his microphone and changed it several times. While some crew guy tried to solve the problem Joe used Jeff Waters' one. Not a perfect show, but still a good one!
Today no party! Meanwhile some had fun driving cart and had a little race at the parking lot. Leaving again around 2 a.m. and while we where on the way to the motorway a kind of bus meeting took place. Things had to be sorted out, not our business... We were on our way to the British capital...


May 13th 2002 - London / The Underworld

Arriving at the early morning hours Martin parked the bus at Hyde Park and everybody was informed that the nightliner will leave there at 12:30 to the venue. Jack left early and wanted to go to the venue on his own. Around 11:00 a.m. Debase, Brian, Nadja and I left to get a coffee. We ended at McDonalds where we split up. Micke, singer of Debase and Debase drummer John, Brian, Nadja and I took a little walk on Oxford St. where Micke bought a jeans jacket, but too soon we had to get back to the bus. Micke told us about Oxford St. and the area, if he will retire one day from the music business, he can become a guide... During our walk back we met merchandiser André and we were back in time, but had to wait a few minutes for Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Fates Warning, Engine & Seven Witches) and Seven Witches singer Wade Black. Everyone was on the bus and we were waiting for Michael's call to get to the venue. After waiting for about 20 min. André and our bus driver Martin decided to head to the venue.
Everybody was in a good mood and joking around. Part of that was that Wade and Kyle showed their asses for a moment to the people we passed... And while we were driving by the Buckingham Palace area André made jokes and soon everybody had a laugh on "God shaved the Queen!" We passed the venue and had to do a U-turn, but then arrived at The Underworld. It was raining when we get all the stuff out of the bus, coz the nightliner couldn't stay at the venue. Nadja and I wanted to store our luggage at a locker at a rail station nearby. Brian joined us and as a gentleman he carried our big blue bag...
Just to learn that the railway station had no lockers. We returned to the venue and he stored our bag in their dressing room. Thanks for carrying our heavy blue bag!!!!
Soon we were on our way to Pizza Hut which we passed with the bus, but it was just a take-out kinda place... We decided to have lunch at the Italian restaurant next door. Afterwards Brian returned to the venue while Nadja and I were checking out some stores and found the Seven Witches as well as the Debase album at the Virgin Megastore near the venue. There we met father and son who were in London to see Annihilator. We talked for a moment. Back at the venue everybody was nervous, coz record company people wanted to show up... First surprise was that I met Wolfgang, the European manager of Annihilator. Before he had some business talk we chat a little, later we wanted a coffee at the bar upstairs where the bands should have dinner as well. Brian left for sound check and a little later Wolfgang joint me. A little more time for talking. Little by little the bar / restaurant got crowded by fans, but the band and crew could enjoy dinner without getting disturbed.
The sound problems were solved and everybody was excited to play The Underworld. Today more fans came to see the show and so even Debase had fans standing front row. Same set for the Swedish as well as for the witches. The venue was packed and hot and sticky... Too hot for me! I stayed at the merchandise booth during the Annihilator set, coz even if I would have been inside I wouldn't have seen anything... Too short... And again some fans showed up which we saw at the other U.K. shows... While we were listening to the Annihilator a few guys walked in. Zakk Wylde and his Black Label Society are recording in London and showed up at the venue. The band was walking in to take a look at the show while Zakk was standing for about 2 hrs. at the gambling machine next to the merchandise booth. The band members partly were joining us there and happily took some of the offered cookies... Hungry youngsters! ;-)
Nadja was watching Zakk gambling and later I joined them. The whole evening Zakk tried to get the Jackpot and a few times he was pretty close... But didn't succeed. In the meantime the witches showed up and had a little chat with the BLS guys. Zakk and his boys left, but not without saying good-bye. But little later we met them again backstage. One guy of BLS is from the same town as Annihilator's light tech Taz. It's a small world!
Surprisingly we got a place to stay offered and left in a hurry... Not enough time to say good-bye to everybody! I asked Micke to say good-bye to everyone, but he denied, coz we would be back with them in Belgium!
We got a place to stay near Victoria Station. Thanks to Dave and Kate who's friend Hamish gave us shelter. And thanks again to the bands and crew for their support and that they kept us from being stuck.... Thanks!!!!!


May 14th 2002 - London-Stanstedt to Eindhoven

We made our way to Victoria Station in the morning and caught a coach to Stansted. But it took longer as it was supposed to be and so we had to hurry! We arrived just 35 min. before departure!!!! At RyanAir we checked in, but my photo case was heavy then on our way to the U.K. which was strange, coz it was less inside... No time for arguing! I had to check it in as fragile item. Thanks to all the people who were in the queue before us and let us get in first! So we arrived at gate 4 where we were supposed to leave from... But the gate was changed, everything delayed. We left from gate 11 and after a 50 min. long flight arrive at Eindhoven. Soon we had our big blue bag back and met some friends outside who came to pick us up. But when I tried to pick up my photo case, I had to learn that it wasn't there! Great!!!! A nice woman from RyanAir checked the left over luggage with me and we filled in the formula. They expected that the photo case was still in Stansted! She promised me to call Stanstedt immediately and that it will be in Eindhoven the next day. She said that there is the minimal chance that it got lost, but I should expect to get it the next day by courier.
Okay, so we left later than expected and headed directly to Dortmund. The bands had a travel day to Paris and we were on the way to the Century Media headquarters to meet Timo Kotipelto. Arriving there just in time we had to explain the Finnish singer that our luggage is still in the U.K. and that we have to do the interview without a tape recorder. He was really nice and if you want to know more about, read the interview!


May 15th / 16th 2002 - at home in Düssseldorf -

The photo case arrived the other day, as the RyanAir employee expected. And while Nadja was doing the profiles of Debase and over doing some others beside writing some emails, I relaxed. On May 16th Nadja visited some friends while I was doing some CD reviews and started typing this tour diary. The bands played Paris' on 15th and in Zaandam on 16th... Guess someone will tell us about these shows when we are back...


May 17th 2002 - Vosselaar / Biebob -

Again we had to deal with problems. The friend who wanted to drive to Vosselaar had to work! So, Nadja called some people and at least her Mom gave us her car for the weekend! To pick up the car took longer and so we arrived at the Biebob around 7 p.m. The band and crew members were happy to see us and said that it was boring without us. Nice to hear! Sound tech BigBig was waiting outside the venue for his girl and almost everybody was hanging out outside, coz the backstage area at the Biebob is pretty small. Someone from Debase told us that the show in Paris was great for everybody, but Zaandam was a little strange... Nothing to tell about the shows... It was hot and sweaty as usual at the Biebob and the crowd was great.
After the show some people were hanging at the venue or in front of. I met a girl from Holland who I met a few weeks ago at the Angra / Silent Force show in Tilburg. Joyce told me that she had won a meet & greet with Seven Witches. She took part at a competition on the Sanctuary website and won. She told me that there wasn't tickets or guest list and that she bought the tickets for herself and her side-kick. I told her to wait and looked for Jack. I first found Wade and asked him if he knew something about it. Wade was signing some stuff and told me to bring the girl. On my way back I met Jack and he took care about it. Afterwards we all were hanging around outside until the busses had to leave. But before Martin and Manne, the bus driver of Annihilator, were leaving they asked me again for directions to the venue in Helmond. It was on my way and so I offered them to follow them to Helmond and than to take over and lead them to Plato. We did it that way.


May 18th 2002 - Helmond / Plato -

Arriving at the Plato around 2 p.m. we met the guys and everybody was happy that we were back. Martin was off the tour and the supports had a new bus driver. Nadja, Steffie (a friend of some of the guys and so we met several times in the past) and I left to the city center to fetch a coffee and we also got the frame Taz was looking for. Some Savatage fans came from Germany to meet Jack and so they were hanging out in front of the venue. We partly were hanging out inside and we asked Wade, Joe, Joey and Annihilator drum tech Nikolei (guitarist of Deception) to fill in our profiles. It was time for dinner, but Joe Comeau said "This is more important" and smiled. At the Plato I found a flyer with the program of Zwolle's Hedon which announced tomorrow's Annihilator show with Seven Witches and Bedare! I told my new Swedish friends and they made jokes about it. Actually I expected more fans to show up for this show... Anyway, Debase had a good start, even if most fans kept standing in the back. The few in the front row enjoyed the show and 'til the end more stand in front. Nadja and I helped again to take the Debase equipment off stage. Time for Seven Witches and it seemed that quite a few fans came to see the Americans not as much as for Annihilator, but... During the Annihilator set Taz had some problems. The stored programs were gone! Taz managed it and the show continued without a break. But that were the only technical problems today.
After the show a drunken Dutch guy started trouble and Kyle got into a fight with that guy. A bloody nose and a friend of this guy tried to keep him under control while I tried to keep Kyle separated from him. Taz came in and like a taz devil he got between them. I called for the security. Not much to say about, a bloody nose and a few bruises. Blood drops on cases and on the floor, but that's it. Time to load!
It was almost 2 a.m. when the busses were leaving and again I followed them. Same arrangement than the night before. But surprisingly the busses didn't head to the motorway, but took the smaller road to s'Hertogenbosch. I followed them... After about 30 km the busses stopped, warning flashers were switched on and Manne came to ask me for directions. I took over and lead them to Zwolle. On our way Manne had to refill the water tank. In Zwolle I left the busses at a bus stop to check out the best way for them. Picked them up a little later and we arrived at the Hedon past 6 a.m.


May, 19th 2002 - Zwolle / Hedon -


Izmet, the new bus driver, Nadja and I left for a coffee. Back at the venue we waited for the locals to arrive. Izmet was so kind to of­fer me his bunk and so I had about 3 hrs. sleep. Thanks a lot!
In the venue we got some coffee (Thanks to Harald!), but even for the bands there was no breakfast. Jack, Brian and André left to see Star Wars at the local cinema. Nadja and I decided to get food somewhere down town. At a café we got breakfast. On the way back Nadja bought some batteries at the filling station. When we came back some washed clothes were draped on the bike stands and Micke and Sigge were sitting next to their bus and fixed their boots...
Back at the venue we talked a little with the guys from Debase. Outside a few fans were waiting for Annihilator to sign stuff. We had some more coffee and took a look while the crew was setting up the equipment. Taz ask us to get him a carton of cigarettes and Kyle ordered some as well as a phone card. So we headed to the filling station we been earlier to get it for them. Back at the venue we ran into Wade who asked us for some nasal spray, just salt, no chemicals. We told him that it is Sunday and it won't be easy, but we would try. Again we headed down town and decided to asked at the filling station. The employee was so nice to check the local news paper and made a call to find out which pharmacy is open. He gave us directions and soon we found the pharmacy and got the nasal spray for Wade.
Today Jeff Waters seemed a little bored and so we asked him to fill in our profile. We decided not to ask Russ Bergquist today, coz his girl friend was there. We were tired and we looked tired, so Jonas and Sigge of Debase offered us their bunks, coz they had to do sound check. Thanks again!
Afterwards we met some German Savatage fans and chit-chat a little. Doors open at 8 p.m. and soon the small venue was packed, hot and sticky. Before the show started I met some girls outside who I met several times before. Friends of Joe Comeau and when he walked over he asked me, if I have seen the tour manager. I tried to find Michael, but didn't succeed, but we could help out and so the girls and Joe were happy.
Today the audiences seemed to be more interested in Debase and the guys had a good show even if some fans were still hanging around in the café of the Hedon. But when Seven Witches entered the stage most of them could be found inside to see the quartet. Time for Annihilator and again too hot for me! In the café I talked to some Savatage fans and stayed at the merchandise booth. André used the chance to watch Randy's drum solo, coz he's a drummer himself and because I watched the merch. After the show again hanging out in the café until the local crew kicked us out around 1:30 a.m. Manne had a coffee for me while we were waiting for André who is living in Düssseldorf as we do. Still waiting until André had picked up all his stuff we had a little chat with Jack and some fans. Then André was ready and we left to Düsseldorf.


May, 20th 2002 - Bochum / off-day -

After we dropped André off at his home and after a few hours of sleep we returned the car and headed to Bochum.  Micko Twedberg / DebaseAt the hotel we met Micko, Jonas and Sigge.
Some others joined us a little later. Jeff Waters and Micko left to pick up pizza and beer. Randy Black and his girl friend walked in and headed to their room. Others came down. A discussion about sharing the amps started. Jimme (Jeff Waters' guitar tech), Taz, Curran, Kyle and Jeff wanted to go down town to see Star Wars. We had our doubts that it was the English version and Nadja offered to show them the way. As we expected it was the German version and Nadja called to let me know that some of them ended up at Bochum's Bermuda Dreieck at the Mississippi. BigBig and Steffie were there as well. I waited until the Swedish finished their phone calls and Jonas, Micko, Sigge and I left to meet the them there. After some drinks and food almost everybody left and Micko, Nadja and I walked back to the hotel. Time for Nadja and me to catch the last train... See you all tomorrow!


May, 21st 2002 - Bochum / Matrix -

Arriving at the Matrix around 6 p.m. we decided to visit the supermarket REAL next door first. At the cash desk we met Joe who bought some PEZ, actually he bought the whole stock of PEZ they had! He ask us to save dinner for him. At the Matrix we told Michael to save food for Joe and then took a look around, checked the video camera. Jack asked us to film the show for him, but the camera didn't worked! I had checked it that morning and it was working... Strange. Same set, no problems tonight... Then during the set of Annihilator Nadja got a call, no good news and we left head over heels. Private business...


May, 22nd to 24th 2002 - at home in Düssseldorf -

Due to this private stuff we couldn't see the show in Hamburg as planned. Time was passing and we were looking forward to see the guys at Friday's show in Fulda! Again our schedule had to be changed and we met a friend Friday night instead.


May, 25th 2002 - Offenbach / Hafenbahn -

Three days without them and we were happy to be back! First we said hi to some friends we knew from the Savatage tour and to Kyle's fiancee Annette. Dominik The wives of the Debase guys had visited them in Hamburg and Micke's wife was so kind to bring us some Grillkrydder which Micke gave us now. Thanks a lot!
Then we met Izmet, the bus driver of the supports who we asked to bring us some donuts from Dunkin Donut in Berlin to Hamburg, if he has a chance to. He got the donuts, but due to our changed plans he and I guess the Americans ate them...
We knew that Tomi Göttlich from Rebellion wanted to come. And so we talked for a little while with him and Uwe Lulis.   Curran Later outside we saw Curran picking up the dried clothes which were hanging on the fence next to the nightliner.
Today Joey Vera was so kind to answer a few questions. Just a little update about his bands and what to expect in future. Unfortunately I haven't heard the new Engine album, but Joey had an extra copy for me and so we agreed to continue before the show in Osnabrück. We gave the profiles to Jack, Russ and Randy and they pro;mised to hand them back at least in Aachen. Wade & a local  There we also asked Randy for an interview about Rebellion & Annihilator and we agreed to do it in Osnabrück. Jack preferred to do the interview at another show as well, coz there were a lot to talk about and today someone from their label showed up. After dinner Micko had time for a short interview.
Meanwhile there the fans were let in. Today's show took place without any technical problems and everybody enjoyed it. But during the Annihilator show Nadja again got a call, another tragedy... Jonas took care of her first and everybody was really nice! They are always nice, but tonight it was different... It was like being part of the family... Thanks to all of you! We really appreciate it!


May, 26th to 30th 2002 - at home in Düssseldorf-

Back home we used the time to work on some stuff for our e-zine and to continue the tour diary. Work as usual. But our thoughts were with them again and again. Missing every&body of our tour family... No fun to wait... But on the other hand we had CDs to review and to prepare some interviews... Guess we should try to get a laptop soon to work on the road...


May, 31st 2002 - Osnabrück / Works -

We arrived at Works in the afternoon and said hello to the guys. A surprise was that Frode (Scream Magazine, Norway) was there. Frode had joined Seven Witches for the shows in the Czech Republic and for today's. Someone came up with the idea to go down town and so Nadja, Frode, Jack and I entered Oliver's Renault Twingo and went to the city center. Frode and Jack were looking for a CD store. None of us knew Osnabrück and so we asked some people at the pedestrian zone. Finally someone told us the way to JPC store and we checked it out, but not what the guys were looking for. Nadja asked for another store and so we left JPC, but had to asked again, coz the description wasn't very good. Finally we arrived at the other store which had more rock & metal, but again not what they searched. Jack bought some cigar's for Jeff in a small store and we continued our way back to the car, coz Jack had to be back for soundcheck. We checked out Kaufhof's record department. No luck. Downstairs Jack and Frode found some candies, self-service and they tested some and mixed up chocolate covered nuts and almonds as well as jelly ones, ignoring that they have different prices per 100 gr. But it worked out, coz they don't speak German... Actually they speak enough to understand, but... We left to Works.
Everybody was busy in a way or another and then it was time for dinner. Oliver, Nadja & I went to McDonalds and were back in time for doors open. There we first saw the hand-written posters which announced for tonight Annilator, Seven Witches and Debase! Inside we learnt that due to the ticket sales they moved the show from the Sound Factory (the bigger venue / disco) to the small Cheops Soul Temple! Actually Cheops is the catering room... Later I heard that Jeff thought about canceling the show, but Russ and Randy talked him over. There were just about 150 fans, but a great atmosphere and I guess that nobody regret to play this show afterwards. Another surprise was that Dave and Kate came over for this show from the U.K.! Good to see them again! And someone else showed up to meet Randy... Björn from Rebellion wanted to say hi to his colleague.
In the small foyer André had put up the merchandise in a small booth which is usually the wardrobe... We talked a little and he told me a story which happened at a show in the Czech Republic. A fan walked over to Brian who wore a Destiny's End shirt and asked Brian if he ever saw the band live. Brian made a joke out of it and said that he really would like to see them one day. Seems that this guy didn't know that Brian is/was in Destiny's End.
After the show the bands were hanging out while the crew loaded and it was a strange impression, coz some regular customers of the Cheops Soul Temple arrived and were dancing to the reggae sounds! Even more strange for us metal headz was that the songs were partly sung live by the DJ. Anyway, everybody enjoyed it and it was fun! The band had to leave early to Zwickau and so we left around 1 a.m. and gave Frode a lift to Düssseldorf.


June, 2nd 2002 - Aachen / Musikbunker -

Today we arrived early at Aachen. On our way to the venue we saw Jonas & Micko sitting outside a pub and asked them for the way, coz we weren't sure about the directions. We parked at the venue and were hanging out with band, crew and friends. Too much business today and so we skipped the interviews and decided to do them by email. The bands were planning some jokes and everybody was excited about it. A small venue again and nobody expected many visitors, seemed that this will be a show for the bands and friends....
A lot happened during the set, but therefor read the concert review. After the show everybody was hanging out with friends and while the crew loaded the last stuff the bands gathered outside to talk for the last time. Tonight it was time to say good-bye... After awhile a circle was built and everybody had to do the 'final dance'. A lot of fun! Than Michael told everybody to get together in front of the bus for a photo. The bands and crew gathered and me as well as some friends did photos. Flashes lightened up the dark and then someone had the idea that everybody should turn and show his ass and they did! Okay, not everybody, but the photos can proof who did! (Will be uploaded - hopefully soon!)
The local crew told us to be not that loud, coz people who live next to the venue might call the police. BigBig took over the job and kept an eye on it that it didn't get too loud. Everybody use the last chance to exchange addresses and email addies. To talk the last time and we had to say good-bye as well. A sad moment, but a few of them we will see again soon, others... Who knows. But we all made new friends on this tour and we're all looking forward to see each other again somewhere in time... CU soon!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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