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In Words: Autumnblaze

- Autumnblaze - Aug. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

© Autumnblaze

Autumnblaze - August 3rd 2009 (by email)

Autumnblaze are back and present Perdition Diaries. Time to find out a bit more about them!

In 2005 you disbanded Autumnblaze. Now you are back with Perdition Diaries... What happened that you revived Autumnblaze?

Many things – good and bad – happened in our lives. That's how life works usually. In the end 'friendship' was the main reason to revive Autumnblaze. The rest is written in the lyrics – just read inbetween the lines.

What's the different between the nowadays Autumnblaze and the band just before you disbanded Autumnblaze?

Good question. I guess, Autumnblaze nowadays is a real band without envy and without bad characters. It's a band with heart and passion again though that sounds like a cliché.

How was it to write these kind of songs again? Or have you wrote that kind of stuff all the time, but kept it hidden in a drawer?

Actually I didn't write these kind of songs for a very long time, so it was a real challenge for me to find my metal composing style again. But didn't think too much about those things. I just wrote the songs quite fast and without planning too much. It should be a spontaneous album.

When you restart, did you know which musical way you wanted to go? That you kinda go back in your history? Or did it just turned out that way when you both started working together?

Well, we didn't want to repeat our history in a musical way. We knew that we had to write heavier songs cause we had this very strong lyrical concept and the album should be sort of a release or a new beginning.

Perdition Diaries is showing a variety of sounds... Which songs do you think represent Autumnblaze 2009 best?

Maybe Saviour and Haughtiness And Puerile Dreams, cause these songs are very special in their varied arrangement...

Can you tell us what inspires you musically? And lyrically?

Musically the inspiration comes out of everything I listen to. Could be from pop to Suffocation. I'm interested in lots of music and I can hear a lot of details that could be interesting for a new song idea.
Lyrically? Everything in life. Social drama and comedy, life in its tiny little claws or the big overview from the orbit. How small we are and how fragil.

Do you like to do videos for your songs? Can you imagine to do a movie score one day?

I could imagine of course. It would be a dream coming true.

Or would you prefer to shoot the images instead of 'just' doing the music?

No, I wouldn't be a good director or anything like that? I'm doing photography – that's what I love.

What about live shows? Anything coming?

Yeah, some gigs, here and there. Not that much, but a few for sure.

Any other news to share?

Well, not yet but you can visit our pages to get to know more when it happens.

Seems like its a new era of Autumnblaze... And this isn't a short-lived revival of the band!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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