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In Words: Animations

- Kuba Dębski - February 2011 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

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Kuba Dębski - February 2nd 2011 (by email)

With Animations another interesting prog metal band is hailing from Poland, their latest album Reset Your Soul is finally released outside Poland and so it's time to learn more about the Polish progsters! Many thanks to guitarist Kuba Dębski for answering my questions!

For most people you are nobodies - at least outside your home country, so please tell us a bit about yourself!

We're from Poland, from the town of Jaworzno. Basically - we're five guys that have decided one day to play progressive metal music. Well.. you know.. Rome wasn't built in a day, so back when we were starting out, we didn't have enough technical proficiency that would allow us to play such challenging music. But we've developed our chops over the course of years and here we are now!

Your self-titled debut was an instrumental album. Was it the lack of a suitable singer? Or did the songs didn't need vocals in your opinion?

We've always wanted to have a singer in the band to complete the line-up. Unable to find one, we wrote, recorded and released an instrumental debut album. The songs were written as instrumentals right from the start - we never planned to fit vocals in them.

Reset Your Soul was released in Poland in 2009, now it's released elsewhere. Are you satisfied so far? And how is it to re-start promotion for RYS?

Yeah - we're really proud of Reset Your Soul. It's a sort of a second debut album, you know. We love everything related to promoting an album - the interviews, reading the reviews, touring - it's all we've ever wanted.

Can you tell us a bit about the songs? What inspired you musically? Lyrically?

When we're writing, we're always inspired with anything that's happening in our lives at the moment - simple as that. That's why our albums are rather diverse in terms of the mood they create.

What's the story behind 1989? Any connections to the fall of the Berlin wall?

1989 is an important date for Poland. It marks the end of communism and the start of so-called democracy. Just wanted to write something abut that. You can most definitely link events in Berlin to it as well.

And what about The Manhattan Project?

Pretty straight forward here. Just google the term and you'll find tons of information online. What's interesting though is that the title came after the music was written. Oh, and it's not a tribute to Rush - though we do love Rush!

Who had the idea for the artwork?

Maciek Zielinski - he's a good friend of ours and a fantastic graphic designer. He came up with the idea - we never force anything on him. He seems to have a natural talent of creating exactly what we want.

You produced the album yourself, but the mastering was done by Tommy Hansen. How important was his mastering to get the sound you wanted?

Tommy is the man responsible for some of the greatest new progressive metal bands records out there. Circus Maximus, Seventh Wonder etc. We knew he was the right person for the job. And he got it right!

As the album was recorded in 2008/2009, I guess you already wrote new tracks... Can you already tell something about the next album?

Sure - we've already written about 10 songs. Planning on writing a few more and then picking the best 9 or 10. We would like the album to be a bit shorter than our last records. 40, 45 minutes should be enough - you know, the ultimate vinyl length.

We've managed to record a single entitled Slowly Die Inside. At this moment we're shooting a video for it and hoping to release it worldwide in a few weeks. Be sure to check it out as soon as it's out.

Will you work with Tommy Hansen again? Or do you have someone else on your wish list?

That is yet to be decided. ;)

I guess, you play shows in your home country, are you now tackling the rest of Europe? The world?

We'd love to, but we've nothing planned at this point.

What are your plans for the near future?

Work hard as hell on Animations no. 3 and record the best album we can. Wish us luck!

It will be interesting to hear some new material, coz Reset Your Soul is very promising and who knows, perhaps their next album will finally get them the attention they deserve.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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