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In Words: Alexis

- Freddy Alexis - March 2011 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Alexis / Bird Of Prey
© Alexis

Freddy Alexis - March 16th 2011 (by email)

Chilean singer Freddy Alexis has a new band first called Alexis and by now is called Bird Of Prey and the self-titled debut is out for awhile now. Some might remember him form his previous band Witchblade. Time to learn more about Freddy and the band...

Please tell us a bit about yourself!

First of all, thank you so much for this interview... Well, I am Freddy Alexis, singer and composer and actually I have a new band now called Birds Of Prey (previously Alexis) and I am very very happy with this musical challenge, I am reinventing myself after those years with Witchblade and Inquisicion.

Bird Of Prey is a solo album, but you teamed up with Gabriel Hidalgo, a friend of you. Sounds like the songs were written for the album? Or have you collected some ideas through the years which didn't fit your main band?

Yes, the songs were written for the album, but it was a very short process, we had a little conversation about it and we did it and it was a great time to team up with an old friend from the Witchblade's old times. Gabriel was lead guitar and co-author of some songs on first Witchblade's album in 2001. He is now some kind of a super guitar hero in Chile and he is a very very cool person and a hell of a musician. I had some old ideas and we mix it up with some Gabriel ideas and the result I guess is quite fine, I really like this album.

Please tell us about the recordings! Where did you record? How long did it take?

The recordings took place in 15 Sonido Studios in Santiago de Chile, It was almost a month recording and mixing and everything was in charge of Chris Rodriguez a very good producer and engineer, he did work in the last three Witchblade albums recording, engineering, mixing and mastering. I love his sound and is a pleasure work with him because he is fully capable to put in sound the madness that goes out of my head, hahahaha.

Why the title Bird Of Prey?

Birds Of Prey is a title that accurately reflects the events that led my departure from my old band, Witchblade, Birds Of Prey are the people who wants to take advantage from you and wanted you to do everything without saying thank you or just the people that teaches you exactly what is not the meaning of the word friend.

Which song(s) represent the album best? And for which one would you like to do a video?

I think Friendly Fire or Shadows, we did a video for Shadows, but we are pre-producing a new video clip and we are taking it very very seriously.

On the album are 3 old tracks which you polished up. What's the idea behind adding these tunes?

Well, these are old songs that I made in another time in another band, but I was not so happy with the way these songs ended, I made a new mix and a new mastering that fits more accurately with my musical vision.

In your home country Chile you had the chance to share the stage with many different bands. Did playing with these international acts influenced you somehow?

Yes, we had it, well Iron Maiden of course this is an unbelievable experience... the show is always fine but powerful, I want to be like them on stage.

You twice opened for Iron Maiden, a band which influenced countless bands. A kind of dream come true to play with this legendary band? Any stories to share about these shows?

Yes, well first time we open for them, I was there as a typical fan with my Number Of The Beast vinyl album and suddenly Steve was in an interview with a cable channel and he stare at me in a moment of the interview, he leaves the places walk to me and sign my album with a big smile on his face, he took it into Maiden's camerino and came back with my old vinyl album signed by all of them! GREAT!!!!!!

And which bands / artists influence(d) you? Anybody you would like to work with in future?

Oh yes, I love Yngwie Malmsteen and Candlemass, my dream is sing for one of them.

I know that there is a vivid scene in Chile, but internationally we don't hear much from your home country. Are we just ignorant? Or what do you think is the problem?

Yes, we have it here, a vivid and a powerful heavy metal scene, the thing is we are located at the butt of the world, hehehehe, is very difficult to get some info from here in any kind of music.

What about playing live? Can you play a lot live in Chile? Neighboring countries?

Yes, I use to play a lot live in Chile and in Brazil, Argentina and Peru, we love it!!!!

Have you ever considered to relocate? The leave Chile? At least temporarily?

Yes, I am considering to move to Europe later this year and make some things over there, maybe Germany, I don't know now... It's a challenge, but I guess I can handle it. And last nut not at least I really want to thank you I appreciate your time and remember stay heavy!!!!!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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