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On stage: Arch Enemy

- W.O.A. 2004 - Aug. 2004 - Wacken (D) -
- Arch Enemy, Destruction, Abigail Williams & Triosphere - Dec. 2009 - Hamburg (D) -
- Arch Enemy & Destruction - Dec. 2009 - Saarbrücken (D) -

- Arch Enemy & Destruction - December, 16th 2009 - Saarbrücken (D), Garage -

In the beginning at 6:35 PM there were only few people there to watch Triosphere. The band from Norway promoted their forthcoming 2nd album. The sound was sadly crap. I only get&xnbsp;bass and double kick drums. Nearly no vocals or guitars. It took three songs when I realized that they had a female singer! They played for about half an hour. The tunes seemed to be great, but I didn't get anything. Sorry for that.
Then Abigail Williams entered the stage. Their mixture of melodic / black metal seemed not to fit to the people in front of the stage, the sound was still bad and this has nothing to do with the event hall itself. After that, Destruction thrashed the house and the sound was brilliant (own engineer). Nearly every song was a neckbreaker; mosh pits raised in front of the stage. Songs as The Butcher Strikes Back, Thrash 'till Death, D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. and Metal Discharge promised a great show. Until now, Garage Saarbrücken was filled with people even in the far corner!
At half past nine Arch Enemy entered the stage. The mood was great and every fan rocked the house as the Enemy's did. Angela Gossow was in a great condition and proud to sing for the first time in Saarbrücken. Songs as Taking Back My Soul, Blood On Your Hands, Live Again, Bury Me An Angel, but also We Will Rise and finally Nemesis kicked ass! Every song was a killer one with great performance! Daniel Erlandson did an brilliant drum solo and the Amott brothers both showed their guitar skills.
It was a really great evening with great bands and I hope they will come back as soon as possible!

Philip Thelen


- Arch Enemy, Destruction, Abigail Williams & Triosphere -
- December 15th 2009 - Hamburg (D), Markthalle -

Back to Markthalle... First I checked the merchandise... T's only 15 Euro, patches 5 Euro... T-shirt price quite fair, patch a bit too expensive - at least in my opinion.
Time to grab a beer and check out the first band... Triosphere. Well, the sound was okay. Musically they present powerful heavy metal with a female singer who partly reminds me a bit of Doro... But they spice up their music with breaks, tempi changes and nice hooks. The guys know how to play, but the girl is talking too much! Between the songs she told way to often that they are Triosphere and that their CD is available at the merchandise. Miss Triosphere should sing more and talk less, beside that there isn't anything to complain. Genre fans should check them out.
Next in line Abigail Williams! Never heard of them - and I guess next time I'll go to the bar right before they start. Sorry, but I can't stand the vocals! Technically well played, especially the fast sweeps, but the rhythm and tempi changes made it a cacophony experience. Not my cup of tea.
Time for the German thrash legend Destruction. Schmier and his mates came to thrash the place and with songs like Total Destruction, The Butcher Strikes Back and Metal Discharge. Finest German thrash and especially the 80's stuff I liked. The trio made rocked and the people went crazy. Good show!
After the change over it was time for Arch Enemy, and that's what everybody was waiting for. They kicked off with The Immortal and soon it got obvious that Angela Gossow and her mates would play a lot old stuff... But the people really loved it. Angela is not just good at growls, she screamed like hell! Luckily they had a good sound, so even the acoustic parts sounded great. Songs like Bury Me An Angel and We Will Rise really rocked! Everybody in the band got time to shine, so you got a drum solo as well as solos of Michael and Chris Amott. Another highlight was Nemesis which was played at the end of the set as an encore.
Good show, lots of fun - beside Abigail Williams - and I guess everybody left satisfied....

(guest writer)

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