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On stage: Angra

- W.O.A. 1999 - Aug. 1999 - Wacken (D) -
- Angra & Silent Force - Mar. 2002 - Vosselaar (B) -
- W.O.A. 2002 - Aug. 2002 - town ( ) -
- Angra & Shiva - Sep. 2002 - Botucatu, S.P. (Brazil) -

- Angra & Shiva -
- September, 28th 2002 - Botucatu, S.P. (Brazil) -

The people of neighborhood of Botucatu (a medium town of São Paulo state) were waiting anxiously for the first Angra show in the city. There were 'black t-shirts' all around the place since the early hours of the day and in;side it was completely packed with people. The big doors were opened around 9:30 pm and a Brazilian band called Shiva opened the show. They played three own songs and covers of Aces High (Iron Maiden), Eagles Fly Free (Helloween) and Painkiller (Judas Priest). Despite the small size of the place (which was not exact­ly an appropriate house for concerts), the lighting was great!
'Only' three hours late, Angra came on stage around midnight playing In Excelsis / Nova Era driving the audience to madness! Edu Falaschi was singing very well. His performance was excellent and he was always being nice to the fans (and that means, completely opposite to his band mate Kiko Loureiro!). In the middle of the show, Aquiles Priester show to us what he is able to do with his instrument, playing a good drum solo and Felipe Andreoli made the same with his bass guitar. A problem happened with Kiko Loureiro's guitar (while he was playing no sound would come out of his amp), but the problem was quickly solved.
The set list had a lot of songs of the Rebirth album like Acid Rain, Millenium Sun, Unholy War and the album main theme, some classic Angra's songs which were originally sang by André Matos like Make Believe and Nothing To Say and the song Hunters And Pray of their mini album with the same name.
After they had pretended the end of the concert two times, they returned to the stage and the band finished their performance by playing Carry On to the fans' joy.
The show finished around 2:00 am, and some fans still tried to get some autographs of the members of the band, but they had to leave the city quickly, because the band had to go to 'Expo Music' (an exhibition of various labels of musical instruments), in São Paulo.

I'm sure Botucatu won't see a better concert than this one so soon!!

Juliana (guest writer)



- Angra & Silent Force -
- March, 26th 2002 - Vosselaar (B), Biebob -

My first visit at the Biebob in 2002 led me there on March, 26th to see Silent Force and Angra. The Biebob wasn't that crowded, but a decent number of fans showed up to see the German-Brazilian power metal package. Actually a 3rd band was announced, but never went on tour with them. No idea what's the reason for this change. Anyway, this was the last night of the tour and so we were prepared to see the bands playing jokes to each other....
The German quintet entered the stage and started a bonfire of melodic power metal. This was the first time that they were touring with their 2nd release Infactuator. So the band of guitarist Alex Beyrodt and former Royal Hunt singer D.C. Cooper concentrate on presenting tracks from Infactuator. The setlist incl. Fall Into Oblivion, We Must Use The Power, Promised Land, the Judas Priest cover All Guns Blazing and the title track. It was obvious that the guys had a lot of fun on stage and made some jokes themselves, coz nor Angra either the crew play jokes on them. So they sang instead of We Must Use The Power, "we must use a shower"! Not to forget their debut which was presented by the title track. This was the last show of the tour and the band got really tight. D.C. showed his abilities as an entertainer and Silent Force rocked the house! The fans enjoyed the show and only were a little disappointed when the shows was over. They wanted more!
After a break it was time for Angra to proof that they can make it without André Matos and the other former Angra members. So the Brazilian quintet started with Nova Era from their latest release Rebirth. Followed by new tunes like Acid Rain, Holy Wars, Judgment Day and the title track Rebirth. But guitarists Kiko Loureiro and Rafael Bittencourt also remembered their past and so tracks like Angels Cry from their same named debut and Nothing To Say from Holy Land to name just a few which were presented in a slightly new sound. Singer Edu Falaschi gave his best, but personally I think he should try to find his own identity and not to copy André Matos' style! The new rhythm section, in name Felipe Andreoli on bass and Aquiles Priester on drums, did a decent job. The fans seems to like the new Angra a lot, personally I miss the old! Perhaps because I saw them several times.... Anyway, the Brazilians did a good job! Even if they had a strange 'guest' on stage during one song... Silent Force singer D.C. Cooper entered the stage dressed with a plastic bag, styled like a charwoman! Sweeping the stage.... But that was just a few minute long intermezzo. And he later returned to join them for one song, sharing vocals... And then the show was over, the tour was over..... A final good-bye and the hope to return soon. And I bet quite a few fans would give them a warm welcome!

Claudia Ehrhardt

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