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On stage: Angelus Apatrida

- Angelus Apatrida & Switchtense - Nov. 2012 - San Sebastián (E) -

- Angelus Apatrida & Switchtense -
- November 16th 2012 - San Sebastián (Spain), Sala Joy Donosti -

The two-band concert opened with Portuguese thrashers Switchtense. At first the audience seemed somewhat reluctant to have fun and jump around, but Hugo Andrade's coaxing soon convinced them to do otherwise. Switchtense put on an amazing show: all of the band members were just full of energy and seemed to be bouncing all around the stage; some of the audience members were a bit unenthusiastic but that never stopped the enthusiasm of the band. All in all, the band just kept getting better and better, and by the time their relatively short set had come to an end, it felt as if they should stay on and play another few songs. They gave their encouragement and support to the other band and graciously left the stage, making way for one of Spain's finest bands of the 21st century.

Eventually, it was time for Angelus Apatrida to come on stage. They were playing You Are Next in no time at all. At The Gates Of Hell was next - only two songs in and the audience were going wild. David and Guillermo hammered out the riffs on their guitars, with Víctor providing the rhythm and José providing the harmony. After that they performed It's Rising! and Violent Dawn. Soon though, the clock was turned back to Clockwork For Of Men And Tyrants, which they performed with utmost skill. Never Forget and Fuck You were audience-pleasers, being almost modern classics. The madness continued with Blood On The Snow and Clockwork. They played Corruption and Hereditary Genius, still almost flawlessly. Never stopping, except to thank people or to make short political commentaries, they continued with Give 'Em War and The Misanthropist. The band played a good selection of songs from their latest album, doing them all a tremendous justice. They played an amazing rendition of Iron Maiden's Be Quick Or Be Dead. In The Heart Of Nations was to follow before the band disappeared for a short while. They soon reappeared, bringing The Manhattan Project / Blast Off with them. They played Free Your Soul and Legally Brainwashed to absolute perfection, also giving a speech about the Catholic Church. Another short break / mess around, and then the unforgettable words of Overture: The Dictate could be heard playing - of course, this had to be followed up with Versus The World. After Vomitive, something was still obviously missing...and then they played it: Thrash Attack. After that, all was well, the audience was content and the concert came to a wonderful finish.

Angelus Apatrida are arguably the best Spanish thrash band of this century, if not one of the best Spanish metal bands in general. Their concert in humble Donostia was a truly unforgettable one, and the fans in the city are doubtless blessed every time the band swings by. If you have let to listen to Angelus Apatrida then get to it, as it is doubtful that you will be let down.

Stephanie Malin


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