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On stage: After All

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- April 25th 2009 - Vosselaar (B), Biebob

I always like to see shows at the Biebob and this time is was a special show! Belgium thrashers After All presented their new album live and Abattoir are the first time in Europe! Opening band of the night are Belgium's Patriarch, a band which was founded in 1988 and released 3 full-length albums, an EP, a split-CD and some demos. And I haven't hurt of them before to be honest, so I can't tell you much about the quintet. Musically they can be categorized as thrashy power metal with some progressive elements, but they are also add some doomy stuff. From their current CD they played Drowning In Madness and Mankind The Virus, but also some older stuff. Even if they played well, it seems that they haven't been playing live a lot... Anyway, their set was fun.
After All - Piet FovroulAfter a change over it was time for After All, a band I saw many times already and they never disappointed me! They opened up with My Own Sacrifice of their new album Cult Of Sin and soon more fans gathered in front of the stage. The fivesome focussed on the new album, but spiced up their set with some older tracks. They obviously enjoyed being back on stage! After Land Of Sin and Devastation Done it was time for something from The Violent Decline - for the title track! Guitarists Christophe Depree and Dries van Damme were switching sides and singer Piet Focroul was always in action, trying to entertain the fans. And it seemed that many came to see them - like me. After Betrayed By The Gods they played Ruins Of Bones, but had to face some technical problems... Piet's microphone wasn't working properly and partly he used 2 mic to make sure one worked. The others kept going like there were no problems - very professional! During End Of Your World the micro partly dropped out completely, but that's live. But then they got this problem solved and soon they came closer to the end of their set. After All - Dries van Damme + Christophe DepreeI didn't expect them to play Holy Diver, even if they have this one covered at their latest album. But I'm glad they did, coz I think their version rocks! And many people were singing along this classic. Last, but not least they played Forgotten! One of my favorites, but then it was time for them to leave the stage. The set a bit too short in my opinion, but still they had more stage time then usually. And they proofed that live the new songs work out extremely well! Hope to see them live again soon!
A little later it was time for a legendary band playing in Europe for the first time - Abattoir! Thanks to Keep It True organizers who brought this band to Europe and after yesterday's performance at the festival they came to plat at Biebob. Abattoir - Steve GainesGuitarist Juan Garcia played in Europe several times with Agent Steel who got supported at some headliner club shows by After All. Abattoir came over with the classic line-up of the first album and everybody was curious to see them on stage - and what songs they would play. In 2001 there was a live album called No Sleep 'Til Kalamazoo - and they played that songs plus some more! Even if the guys did a good show, it wasn't the well oiled engine you might expect... At the beginning of Vicious Attack bassist Mel Sanchez had some problems and after Vicious Return they had to entwine the wires. Singer Steve Gaines made some jokes about it and thanked the fans more then once for coming out. Abattoir - Mark CaroAt songs like The Enemy, The Living And The Dead or The Hammer Of The Gods not just Juan Garcia showed his talent, he gave Mark Caro enough space to shine. After songs like Under My Skin, Everybody Dies and Stronger Than Evil they played Screams From The Grave, a true speed / thrash hymn! But for many the highlight was Abattoir's version of Aces Of Spades which sounded more melodic then the Motörhead original, but was also very powerful. After this classic the band left the stage and everybody hoped that they will return for some more - but been disappointed. Anyway, it was great to see them live and it was a special night indeed!
Unfortunately the club wasn't packed, but the fans who came out had a great time!!!!

Claudia Ehrhardt

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