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On disc: Avsky

Scorn - Mike Thompson - 7 stars


(Moribund Records - 2010)

Avsky is a two-man black metal band from Dalarna, Sweden and Scorn is their third full length album. Despite being a huge black metal fan this is the first time I've heard this band.
First things first, this band is raw. If you don't like dirty, hyperspeed guitar riffs and sneering vocals that sound as if the were recorded with a cheap tape recorder, in a toilet, via a long distance phone call then give this a miss and stick with the latest Cradle of Filth album. For those who appreciate the more lo-fi production of underground black metal Avsky have a lot to recommend them.
There are a lot of influences at work here, from Darkthrone to Taake, but also a good helping of Shining. Not to say that this is a depressive black metal album but the instrumental The Beyond could come straight from a Shining album.
Avsky have made a good, solid black metal release here. The production is pretty good for black metal, except in case of the chilling vocals described above, with a good solid guitar sound that chugs away relentlessly.
The songs are, with the exception of the aforementioned instrumental, all long, with three of the six tracks over nine minutes. The title track itself is the second shortest track on the album and it is still seven minutes long! Despite the lengths though, the songs don't ever seem over-long. Like all good, long songs they keep you hooked with strong riffs and changes in tempo and style.
Grim and cold are words bandied around a lot when talking about black metal but they definitely sum up this album. Its nothing particularly new buts its good, raw black metal that fans of the genre should appreciate immensely.

7 stars

Mike Thompson


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