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On disc: Aurora Borealis

- Time Unveiled - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


Time Unveiled

Time Unveiled
(Diehard Music - 2002)

The US-American duo Aurora Borealis is back with Time, Unveiled. On the new album are 9 brutal death / black metal tracks incl. Sixteenth Chamber which was originally released on their 1994 demo. This time the tracks are faster and more structured then on Northern Lights. Again mastermind Ron Vento deals lyrically with things that happened in the past, but has also very interesting ideas beside the historical ones. Sky Burial is a hyper-fast death metal track with black metal parts and mainly black metal-like vocals. The song tells about priests who dismember the body and let the pieces carry by buzzards into the sky. An old burial tradition which these days is still alive, even if illegal. On Searching which starts more slowly and is more mid-tempo - even if the drums are very fast - and works with breaks. Lyrically this one deals with God who is curious to know who created him the creator of Earth and live in general.
Technically the music of Aurora Borealis is on a very high level and offers an interesting and intense mixture. Definitely a good choice for death and black metal fans!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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