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On disc: Auras

New Generation - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

New Generation

New Generation
(Frontiers Records - 2010)

With Auras a new band from Brazil is stepping into the spotlight. Musically the quintet from Curitiba is based in hard rock / AOR. New Generation is their debut and they are the first Brazilian band signed by Italian label Frontiers Records. Auras got the chance to open for Jeff Scott Soto and Jimi Jamison in their hometown Curitiba, I guess that Jimi Jamison, who said the band took him back to the 80's when they were on stage, got them in touch with the Italian label... Anyway, they signed with Frontiers and now have their album out which was mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward.
Musically Auras isn't presenting something new, but they present high class hard rock which really brings back the 80's Singer Gui Oliver partly reminds me of Joe Perry... Listen to Forgive And Forget and you'll know what I mean. Slowly they start into In My Arms, a powerful ballad. Next they present Reach Out, a rocker with a melancholy touch. The title track is a heavy rock with keyboards which remind me of Europe... Even if the track is more Valentine like. Other songs remind me a little of Treat... Anyway, it's fun to listen to the Brazilians, even if they bring back memories of one or the other band! The heavy riff-based That's The Way Love Goes is showing some different elements... A bit like Giant. While Keep On Loving You is more REO Speedwagon-kinda AOR.
Fans of Journey, Robert Berry, Jeff Scott Soto, Giant and 80's hard rock in general should check out Auras! Listen to: Forgive And Forget, Reach Out and That's The Way Love Goes.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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