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On disc: Audrey Horne

Audrey Horne - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Audrey Horne

Audrey Horne
(Indie Recordings - 2010)

Founded in Bergen (Norway) in 2002 Audrey Horne are now presenting their 3rd album, a self-titled one. Usually the 3rd album is regarded as the 'making or breaking' album, but as their last album Le Fol was praised by the media the chances are good it's their album to make it...
Some will already know that Audrey Horne is named after a character of Twin Peaks and that might explain their tendency to dark, gloomy atmospheres which they combine with classic rock. But they enrich the classic rock with modern elements.
These Vultures is leading you into the album slowly, then they head into Charon, a catchy rocker. The foursome get some helping hand on Audrey Horne by bass player Espen Lien and keyboarder Herbrand Larsen. The distorted vocals catch your attention, but it's the 'normal' voice of Torkjell 'Toschie' Rd which is fascinating. Everybody who likes heavy riffs, catch vocals and is into classic rock with a slightly modern sound, will dig this one! More 70's rock is Circus due to the Hammond sound, but it's the combination of the drum pattern with the organ which hooks you up. Vocals accompanied by keyboard lead you into Down Like Suicide, then the song becomes a heavy rocker with a progressive edge. The harmony vocals remind me a bit of The Beatles... And again drummer Kjetil Greve shows that breaking out of a simple rhythm for awhile can give the song the special something. The guitar-driven Blaze Of Ashes offers some heavy riffs, but also soaring vocals. Really cool with the Hammond solo at the end! The melancholy Sail Away is begins slowly, but then it becomes a balladesque heavy rocker. Great guitar solo. If they do a video clip for this one, I guess it will be frequently played on music TV channels... After the melancholy tune they present the catchy rocker Bridges And Anchors which has a positive vibe. Pitch Black Morning has a dash of retro prog rock, but don't expect some tiring progressive instrumental passages! The song shows some Tool-ishness. After the riff-based rocker Darkdrive the closer Godspeed is another balladesque track which is dominated by the melancholy vocals of Toschie. And again they have this Beatles-que harmony vocals which hook you up right away.
The future looks bright for Audrey Horne! Their fans will love this album and with their fresh sounding classic rock-based sound they should win over more music lovers soon!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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