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On disc: Ashes You Leave

The Cure For Happiness - Lars Bjørn - 5 stars

The Cure For Happiness

The Cure For Happiness
(Rock N Growl Records - 2012)

The Cure For Happiness is the title of the new record from Ashes You Leave, their 6th album, but the first one with their new singer Giada Jade Etro who comes from Italy. She contributes with fine and clear singing, and takes a little distance from the growling that the rest of the male band members brings to the shore. Their music is very East European in its basic style, like they are split between heavy metal and funeral metal which they mostly want to do, but evidently it all ends up with soft quiet staccato rhythm metal that you need a lot of patience to get used to. Just to make it even more slow and boring they wrap their songs in by adding violins to them, there you have the context. For The Heart, Soul And Mind is one of the songs where the idea with violins actually gives a good outcome, strong metal and fine guitar work on the other hand, not to forget the hard and driveful voice of Giada Etro. Melancholic is also a keyword in their music, and The Ever-Changing is an example of this style, soft creative with flute and rhythm, but still too slow and boring when you have to put your finger on it. Their best song is Only Ashes You Leave, good heavy metal that benefits very much from the assets of the new singer Giada Jade Etro. I hope the next album gets a lot better, because this style is too depressing to avoid falling asleep.

5 stars

Lars Bjørn


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