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On disc: Artizan

Curse Of The Artizan - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

Curse Of The Artizan

Curse Of The Artizan
(Pure Steel Records - 2011)

8 songs are what the new band Artizan decides to release here on their debut album, and indeed a heavy mix of quality with the lesser songs dominating the show. Trade The World starts good with pumping melodic metal garned with specialities from former Leviathan singer Tom Braden who now holds the microphone with Artizan. Rise is a song with more loose ends than can be knotted together, just when you think there are some substance in the song again it reverts to muddy confusion and anonymous metal. It doesn't get any better on The Man In Black, still a strange rhythm where they have difficulties on how to get the right composure on the sound. But on the songs Fire and Fading Story they get a new grip on things and put a good and strong songwriting with great vocals and hard heavy rhytm. Game Within A Game brings another dimension to the fray as they air some techno metal to the album but not convincing at all. Curse Of The Artizan comes as the last attempt with soft metal holding an atmosphere of epic storytelling, something that they could have done a bit more professional in my opinion. The album could really do with some more narrow songs instead of spreading their interest in the most strange directions possible, let's hope their next album get a more polished quality so it get's into the ear instead of plumbing all around the face.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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