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On disc: Arthemis

Heroes - Mike Thompson - 8 stars


(Crash & Burn Records - 2010)

Arthemis is a long-running band from Italy who mix traditional heavy, power and thrash elements in their music to give them a sound different to the majority of Italian metal bands, which tend to be synth-heavy and often over-complex.
Heroes is the band's sixth album and kicks off with Scars On Scars, a fist-pumping head-banger that shows just what you can expect from Arthemis over the next 44 minutes. Without exception the ten songs on this album are catchy, hook-laden metal songs that combine gritty guitars that have a great bite with a strong yet melodic voice.
Fabio D's voice is akin to Iron Savior & Savage Circus frontman Piet Sielck with a hint of the late, great Ronnie James Dio in some parts. It is what you may think of as a typical rock voice being very strong and clear and yet also diverse enough to be heavy and gritty and to carry the song forward. The bass and drumming is extremely good, especially the piston-pounding double bass, and they provide a great driving force to this well-oiled metal machine.
I really enjoyed this album as, even though the band may not be wholly original, the music they play sounds fresh. Most of all its a pleasurable listen. This is not a band trying to be technical for technicality's sake, nor a band that relies on cliché lyrics. Arthemis is a band that craft good songs that will hook you in and keep your head rocking.

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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