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On disc: Armored Saint

Revelation - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars
La Raza - Umberto Mino - 8 stars

La Raza

La Raza
(Metal Blade - 2010)

I hate so much the waiting between the albums, and in the case of Armored Saint I hate it even more, nine years between Symbol Of salvation and Revelation, and now 10 years for this new one La Raza. Hey people, the word hate is only for the waiting, because I love Armored Saint more than myself.... So let's starts with this new CD!!!!
10 years after (not the band..hahahahahah) Revelation John Bush, Joey Vera, the Sandoval brothers Gonzo and Phil and Jeff Duncan give us La Raza, a CD that sounds odd, because it's not the 80's sound or anything that reminds tha old Armored Saint, it sounds more mature and so... 70's!!! Yes, one more time Armored Saint go against all the trends and follow only their brains and hearts.... Finally a band with guts!!! Can you imagine in 2010 that use theramin or percussions??? (Okay, Tesla) And like always there's the voice of John Bush, trademark for Armored Saint that now re-joins Anthrax for a summer tour (please John, they don't deserve you, so remain with your friends!!!) with the big four of thrash metal, wonderful as always and in particular on the opening track Loose Cannon and Little Monkey!!!
This time 70's atmospheres is possible to hear in Chilled, La Raza and Black Feet.
In conclusion for me another wonderful comeback for these Los Angeles guys, another demonstration of intelligence, integrity and music good taste!!!!
Saints will conquer! Are you with us???

8 stars

Umberto Mino



(Metal Blade - 2000)

When the first rumours about a reunion hit the streets, long-time fans won't believe, but hoped that this dream of theirs will come true. And now almost 2 years later the first release after 9 years are in the stores... Revelation! High expectations from journalists and fans. Can they bring back the old spirit? They can! Even is it's not like when you listend the first time to March Of The Saint, but.... A lot things changed and the band is now back with their original line-up, more or less....... None can replace Dave Prichard, but Jeff Duncan is a great player and a good friend of the band. Revelation shows 11 songs in the tradition if the Saint! Powerful and sometimes fast and aggressive, sometimes more mid-tempo. But it's not like they stucked in the 80's, they transported their sound into the new millennium. A powerful return, to get a clue what to expect check out The Pillar, After Me The Flood and What's Your Pleasure.
Very unusual is the bonus track which is on the limited double CD and the vinyl... No Me Digas which is a Spanish sung track which combines the typical Saint sound with flamenco and typical Spanish sounds. A very intersting piece of music! I love this one! So go and get this piece of music!!!!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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