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On disc: Armagedon

Death Then Nothing - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

Death Then Nothing

Death Then Nothing
(Mystic Production - 2009)

I'm sure fans of underground death metal will know Poland's Armagedon. They released their first album, Invisible Circle, in 1993 and then split up in 1994. In 2006 they reformed and three year later released this, their sophomore effort. Has it been worth the wait? The short answer is hell yes!
The ten tracks contained within this albums are all uncompromisingly heavy, head crushing, neck cracking death metal that have that classic Polish death metal sound seen in bands such as the magnificent Vader.
S³awomir Maryniewski provides the guttural vocal delivery. His voice is deep with a well-rounded growl that stands as a counterpoint to the trebly guitars. The riffs are, without exception, a joy to listen to and should leave any self-respecting headbanger with a case of whiplash! Despite the brutality of the songs there is some underlying melody, again very much like Vader, and even the occasional, sparing use of synths.
Drumming is tight and the kick drum sounds awesome. Unfortunately the bass is lost in the mix but that's nothing new with this form of music.
Its hard to believe this band has been out of the loop for so long as this is an album which comes very close to the latest efforts by long standing bands such as Asphyx. Definitely one to get if you're into old school death metal.

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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