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On disc: Arkhum

Anno Universum - Lars Bjørn - 3 stars

Anno Universum

Anno Universum
(Vendlus Records - 2010)

So came the debut album from the American band Arkhum, and the piece has a dramatic cover artwork to illustrate that they get inspired by science fiction themes, and maybe caused the Universum title for this album. If it was the instruments alone that did the album, I might have accepted it as creative and tolerable, Obsolescent Husk and also Obviated Geocentrism have a fine metal ground base fast guitar and melodic super speed galaxy sound, but the part of this debut album causing the whole thing to appear comical and irrelevant is this: The vocalist Kenneth Parker is not singing, he is not even growling, the sounds he produce could symbolize that he has swallowed the microphone, and to make it even worse; he makes voices like he was singing children (baby) songs. That does simply not belong in a metal album, and he has to realize that. Normally I have nothing against growling, but this is too much.

3 stars

Lars Bjørn


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