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On disc: Appearance Of Nothing

All Gods Are Gone - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

All Gods Are Gone

All Gods Are Gone
(Escape Music - 2011)

The Swiss outfit Appearance Of Nothing is presenting their 2nd album which is called All Gods Are Gone. It's the follow-up of their 2008 debut Wasted Time.
The quintet kicks off with The Mirror's Eyes, a progressive metal tune spiced up with growls by Dan Swan÷. The vocals remind me a bit of some art rock / hard rock stuff. The opening track is about 6 minutes long and they take you onto a sonic journey with elements of prog metal, prog rock, art rock and symphonic metal. Again guitarist Pat Gerber and bassist Omar Cuna share vocal duties, but it's not just the singers who give the albums something special, it's a team effort - and the blend of sounds. 2nd God has a memorable vocal line, Dan Swan÷'s growls and surprises with a passage which revives the 70's prog rock, but also offers heavy riffs. Slowly they lead you into Sweet Enemy which Devon Graves (Psychotic Waltz / Deadsoul Tribe) is singing. The vocals give the song a dash of David Bowie here and there, but then there are the guitar leads which give it a different atmosphere. Destination is taking you to different musical shores, it has a Savatage-sque touch, but it is more progressive.... The vocals remind me a bit of Blind Guardian... But then a passage which make you think of a fun fair in the last century. And again it's just another facet of their sound. this is the highlight of All Gods Are Gone. The opening part of The Call Of Eve will shock some listeners as the keyboard has a techno edge to it, but then the track becomes a true prog metal tune with a catchy vocal line. A track which shows almost the whole sound spectrum of Appearance Of Nothing is ...I Said Silence, another sonic roller coaster ride where Dan Swan÷ adds some growls. The closer is called The Rise And Fall Of Nothing, an instrumental. Another team effort where everybody get the chance to show off his talent.
Fans of prog and / or power metal should check out Appearance Of Nothing's All Gods Are Gone, it's a unique blend of sounds. The songs are well performed, solidly written and the good production gives you the chance to discover every little detail. A very entertaining album which I highly recommend to prog metal lovers!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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