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On disc: Anyone's Daughter

Piktor's Verwandlungen
- Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Piktor's Verwandlungen (Remastered)

Piktor's Verwandlungen (Remastered)
(InsideOut Music - 2008)

It's not necessary to introduce Anyone's Daughter to fans of 70's prog / art rock, but Piktor's Verwandlungen is still something special. This CD is remastered and got an additional bonus track, a demo of Piktor's Verwandlungen recorded back in 1977 / 1978. At the time Anyone's Daughter wanted to do Piktor's Verwandlungen their record label didn't believe in it and so the band did their first 2 studio albums and played the Hermann Hesse fairy tale live. After playing this opus live so many times they felt that they can do a live recording. They recorded Piktor's Verwandlungen live in Heidenheim at January 18th 1981. Its an authentic live recording and so it's even more impressive.
The album starts slowly, like they were coming from far away until they be close. Their music is influenced by 70's bands like Yes and Genesis. When the story is told, the music supports the words and steps back. In a way an audio book with a narrator and music added... The story is told in German, so you should at least know the story. Between the story telling you get songs which carry you back to the prog / art rock of the early 80's. The music will enchant you even if you don't understand the words. And the booklet will help you to understand Pictor's Metamorphoses. The band is telling about what led to this recordings and also a few passages are translated to help you understand. Singer and bassist Harald Bareth is also the story teller - and enchants you! Musically Der Baum is my favorite, a very atmospheric and also diverse song. At the end of the story you hear the audience and the band stated that it was amazing how quiet the fans were when listening to the opus. The bonus track is about 26+ minutes long and a demo of Piktor's Verwandlungen and so very interesting to compare with the live piece.
A masterpiece in its own way. No easy-listening! But for fans of Anyone's Daughter this is a chance to get the remastered version on CD. If you like Hesse's novel, then you should also check this out! A very interesting release, especially as this was recorded live! Kudos!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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