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On disc: Antim Grahan

I Wish You Death - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

I Wish You Death

I Wish You Death
(Frameshift Initiatives - 2012)

Antim Grahan is well established in Nepal and has already 4 albums to their name until now. The brutal black metal band releases their 5th studio album now, there is no intentions of changing anything, and why should they do that, their new songs speaks for themselves. A small album of 5 songs, but give them a chance and you will be surprised. Brutality is the keyword when Upon The Liar Of Demon God sets in with a massive speedy black metal show held in a gothic inspired metal vein, everybody can join the black metal here. Heaven Ends Here is both death metal and black metal in an atmospheric kind of adventure metal, interesting and creative from Antim Grahan. I Wish You Death is spiced Nepalese food with a female voice doing most of the clean singing together with awesome growls in the background, and the style is focusing on their symphonic style that they also master. Vicious Majestic Endeavors gives us brutality and wild guitars and drums, but underneath there is a stylish building of this song showing that Antim Grahan are skilled and know what they are up to. Glorious Funeral Winterland features the fast drums once again in a melodic and interesting finishing black metal hymn to make a great contribution to the black metal scene.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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