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On disc: Ankor

My Own Angel - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

My Own Angel

My Own Angel
(STF-Records - 2011)

The Spanish band Ankor was founded back in 2003 and released some demos, in 2008 they released their debut album Al Fin Descansar. While the first album had Spanish lyrics they now offer an English album. And so open to a larger audience, even if I have to say I like Spanish lyrics.

The kick off with heavy but melodic riffs, a harsh shout and then Rosa del la Cruz joins in. Musically the opener reminds me a bit of Lacuna Coil, perhaps because of the shared vocal duties... They did a video for this one, so see yourself!

After the up-tempo tune Completely Frozen they slow down a bit for It Would Be Easier. This one offers tempi changes and a memorable vocal line. I really like Rosa's voice, but I should also mention the guitar play which gives the songs a heavy or melodic edge - whatever it needs. At No Matter What the heavy riffs build the basic for Rosa's melodic vocals and guitarist David Romeu's harsh shouts. At Reborn keyboarder Javier Casanova can show his skills and step up front, coz most of the time he stays in the background.

To add a little criticism... I miss some really catchy hooks to make the songs more memorable... To make you spin the album again, but well... And why no slow tune or ballad... So far, so good. Keep in mind, it's their 2nd album and they can do better next time.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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