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On disc: Anguish

Through The Archdemons Head - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Through The Archdemons Head

Through The Archdemons Head
(Dark Descent Records - 2012)

When they say doom metal, they mean doom metal. Sweden has a good and solid tradition for doom metal music with good old Candlemass at the top. This position could very well be taken by newcomers Anguish who make their debut album with 8 songs that are powerful and slow, so slow that it's almost a trademark for them, but it works and just give the listener a feeling of how Anguish wants to play. Vocalist J. Dee has a rasping voice that goes perfect for the slow style they practice, but also has the sense to make the songs flowing in a natural way so it never gets boring, and that is a task you have to admire when you play as slow as Anguish do. Book Of Fox has the dark sound but nonetheless it is heavy real doom if you had any doubts about that. When The Ancients Dare To Walk has a melodic structure that fits well into the super doom metal of slow and powerful dominance. Dawn Of Doom is the next song, and in my view the best of the album, as always slow power doom but with extra personality in it. The Veil is a little different as it is more massive and melodic than the others, but still they stay loyal to their heavy and doom filled believes. This is album is a must if you are into true doom metal, then it's fresh with new blood.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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