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On disc: Angelus Apatrida

The Call - Stephanie Malin - 9 stars

The Call

The Call
(Century Media - 2012)

Angelus Apatrida are one of the finest thrash metal bands around today, and The Call is just another release in a long line of exceptionally produced albums. The first song is You Are Next, which has an unforgettable, speedy riff. The vocals are aggressive, passionate and sung clearly enough to be perfectly understood. Although At The Gates Of Hell is not a perfect song to follow on from its amazingly high standard predecessor, it delivers more solid thrash metal - something which Angelus Apatrida never fail to do. Violent Dawn is another minor diminution in quality, though it still manages to stay on the better end of thrash metal; the rhythm is also fantastically well-kept and there are some first-class riffs and solos. It's Rising! is definitely one of the most memorable songs on the album; the riff is particularly awesome and the cries of "It's rising!" are flawlessly controlled and powerful. Blood On The Snow is much heavier than most of the other songs - although all of the songs on The Call are undeniably heavy - and it has a much darker feeling to it, with subtle uses of other tonalities; the guitar solos on the track are also outstanding. Killer Instinct is distinctly nondescript, although not bad by any stretch of the imagination. The song title The Hope Is Gone is a lie; the solo is one of the best on the album. Fresh Pleasure is one of the most interesting tracks on the album; the vocals sound as though they would befit a crossover album (and they most certainly would), and the song also makes creative - and excellent - use of silences. The song Still Corrupt is definitely a nod to the song Corruption from the band's 2007 album Give 'Em War, both in the musical content and the song title; similar lyrics are even utilized in the song. That which is the final song on the regular album, Reborn, is the longest song on the album and, although there is nothing about it which stands out in particular, absolutely every aspect of the song is perfection: the composition, the lyrics, the music, everything. There is also a brilliant cover of Judas Priest's Hell Patrol which does the original great justice whilst still maintaining Angelus Apatrida's familiar sound. Another song from the fantastic Give 'Em War, Free Your Soul, is also re-recorded for the limited edition of the album. The drumming on the entire album is wonderful and practically faultless in every aspect. By and large, The Call is a superb piece of art, with an immense production quality and carefully crafted songs to tantalize the ears; this is definitely something which every fan of thrash metal should listen to.

9 stars

Stephanie Malin


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