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On disc: American Dog

Poison Smile - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Poison Smile

Poison Smile
(Bad Reputation - 2012)

American Dog is a very active band, they first stepped into the limelight with Last Of A Dying Breed in 2000. Poison Smile is their 10 release - incl. 3 live albums and an EP -, but they are also playing live a lot. The trio presents high voltage heavy rock'n'roll with a dash of punk. Others describe them as a mix of Motörhead, Dangerous Toys, Salty Dog peppered up with a dash Ted Nugent... Perhaps because singer / bass player Michael Hannon was a member of Salty Dog and Dangerous Toys...

They kick of with Devil Dog, a catchy heavy rocker with a punk attitude. Songs like Just Like Charlie Sheen showcases their kind of humor. Listening to Old Dog, New Tricks you can picture them drinking a beer at a biker party... And actually that would also describe the place where you expect to hear American Dog... The instrumental 2012 A.D. is sticking out - not just because it's an instrumental -, coz it's a very melodic piece of music, it's less heavy and even if it's one of the best tracks it's not representative for the album! It leads over to the title track Poison Smile, another song which sticks out... a groovy rocker with a bit of punk - and Southern rock. The closer is a song from The Cramps, they cover Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?... I confess I'm not familiar with the original, so I can't say much about this one.

Anyway, the new American Dog album is a good soundtrack for a party - not just bikers will enjoy the sound!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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