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On disc: Amara

- Conspiritualized - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Dragon Rec. - 2002)

The British quartet was founded in 2000 and is now presenting their debut album Conspiritualized. The album opener Spindoctor shows that the four-piece is still in love with rock / metal and remind me of The Quireboys, but also of L.A. Guns and other sleaze metal bands from the 80's. The voice of singer D.J. probably not everybody will like, but I think it fits good to their kind of music. It took quite awhile for guitarist Mut and bassist Mike to find their partners in crime. At least after 4 drummers and 7 singers they found D.J. and Steve. Due to the fact that this is not the music which is played on MTV they had to go the hard path of rock and had to play every bar and pub who let them enter the stage. It took awhile until they recognized their first stalker. He was at 5 or 6 shows and left always with­out saying a word. Then one day he came over and introduced himself. That guy was from Dragon Records and so the British quartet got their record deal!
They already had the chance to tour with Slash's Snakepit, unfortunately that tour didn't cover all places. But they are a rock band and so they have to make it live, even if songs like Kali really rocks and is a convincing piece of music. This four-piece proof that still a lot of good rock bands are coming from the U.K. and I can just hope that they get their chance. The track War Is My Name is a catchy tune with screaming guitar. The next track is a heavy, but balladesque one and is called Offline. This time with acoustic guitar. Put usually they rock! On Forbidden Fruit they start with unusual sounds; a hard rocker with guitars which are more metal. That one drag's you into the universe of Amara. Next a slow number where singer D.J. is almost whispering. Then a guitar solo adds a heavy touch before As Our Mother Slowly Dies slows down again. An atmospheric and melancholy track. They change between hard and softer songs and Beautiful Song is definitely part of the last category. And the name is program! This is my personal highlight from the slower tracks!
At least I should mention that the British covered She Sells Sanctuary! The four found a way to walk the edge between sticking too close to the original and adding too much of their sound. But you should make up your mind, so listen and decide, if you like it or not.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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