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On disc: Altar Of Oblivion

Grand Gesture Of Defiance - Lars Bjørn - 4 stars

Grand Gesture Of Defiance

Grand Gesture Of Defiance
(Shadow Kingdom Records - 2012)

If you should believe the press message this Danish band should be the best since Mercyful Fate. Then the music scene in Denmark is very poor, because Altar Of Oblivion can not live up that kind of comparison at all. Their 6 songs on this second album from them are slow and uninspired, not filled with sparkling energy or courage. The vocals are unshaped and unconcentrated, but somehow they do have a style about them when it comes to getting advanced doom metal melted in the right shape. Where Darkness Is Light has a melodic and new thinking aura of doom metal, but gets dragged backwards by the unshaped vocal performance. In The Shadow Of The Gallows is also drowning as it progresses, slow style but with uplifting aggressive guitars, but never enough to give it just a bit of personality. The best song in my view is The Graveyard Of Broken Dreams where they keep things simple but still with a good and melodic doom and heavy creativity injected in the music. If this band should get more success they need to get more in shape and make their music a lot sharper, that would give a much better result, because their talent is absolutely present.

4 stars

Lars Bjørn


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