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On disc: Allegiance

- Hymn Till Hangagud - Volker Raabe - 3 stars

Hymn Till Hangagud

Hymn Till Hangagud
(No Fashion Rec. - 1996)

At the end of the info sheet it says that the last nail which was driven into the body of Jesus Christ is named Allegiance. "Let the Raven lead us." Thanks for trusting me, but I can't take your offer - different musical interests and a problem of time. Even if the presented music is not at all black metal cliché - there are melodic parts - they hail Satan which these days so many black and death metal bands do, that it isn't interesting anymore. Some genre releases can hardly called music and it is with this one as well. No need to comment the music. For me musicians of this genre aren't cultured and most are just wannabes. Most also seem not to know what they are talking about in their lyrics and what a walk on the razor's edge they took with the words they spread.
My rating is just an honor for your trust into 'The Raven'. Thanks.

3 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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