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On disc: Airborne

- Runnin' Wild - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Runnin' Wild

Runnin' Wild
(Roadrunner Rec. - 2008)

For most rock fans it will be the first contact with Australian Airborne - which isn't a surprise, coz it's their debut. In 2004 they released an EP called Ready To Rock and this debut was released in June 2007 in their homeland and now make it into the shops around the world. But if you are a gamer then you might know one or the other song from games like Need For Speed: ProStreet, NFL Tour and NHL 08.
Opening up with Stand Up For Rock'n'Roll they show what's their love - simple, energetic rock. And it gets obvious that they are influenced by their fellow countrymen AC/DC - while Joel O'Keeffe is closer to Bon Scott in my opinion... They are a modern version of AC/DC - so to speak -, even if the first tune reminds me more of the early years of the band. At Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast they add something to the booggie sound... A bit Love/Hate-ish... With Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women they change a bit.. the sound is darker. But still it's pure pub rock.
The album is fun to listen to, but don't expect something new! They are based in the tradition of Australian rock and so fans of AC/DC and Rose Tattoo should check them out!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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