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On disc: Aerosmith

- Honkin' On Bobo - Astaroth Sammael - 9 stars

Honkin' On Bobo

Honkin' On Bobo

(Columbia - 2004)

Aerosmith are back to their roots! In many ways... First of all, because Honkin' on Bobo is a blues album played at the best style of the bad boys from Boston. Second, because they worked again with Jack Douglas, who helped them in their classic albums Get Your Wings (1974), Toys In The Attic (1975) and Rocks (1976). And third, because this album was for the fans who asked them to sound like in the beginning of their career, as Steven Tyler said in a press conference.
Eleven covers such as I'm Ready from Muddy Waters, Temperature from Little Walter, a couple of songs from Mississippi Fred McDowell and a few more from the great Blues exponents. All those songs and The Grind (the only Aerosmith unreleased track) are part of this great album.
In general, this production combines blues and hard rock in a pleasant way and proves again the experience of these guys.
With a peculiar presentation of Steven Tyler Road Runner starts - a song with a lot of energy and choruses that reminded us the road runner cartoon. Just to continue with a lot of different tracks that talk about broken hearts - main characteristic of blues music.

9 stars

Astaroth Sammael


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