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On disc: Acid Rain

- Alpha - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars



(self-released - 2006)

If you like progressive power metal or powerful progressive metal, you should read this review and check out the band. Why? Go on.
The band was founded back in 2001 by guitarist Nikola Krstovic and his brother Zarko on bass. They were joined by drummer Marko Jankovic. First they started as a cover band playing songs of Iron Maiden, Metallica and Megadeth. It got more serious and a few line-up changes later they got a stable line-up consisting of the brothers Krstovic and singer Marko Capljic. Live they get joined by drummer Andrej Misic and keyboarder Matija Andjelkovic. With the help of Radio 202 they got on their way and as the radio station feature 2 songs of Acid Rain . Both songs can be found on this demo which was recorded in 2005.
The album starts with the short instrumental Alpha. Slowly they start off, a kind of intro into the world of Acid Rain. A powerful, melodic song with great keyboards. A break and they speed up, then Alpha leads into Legacy which picks up the main theme. Its obvious that bands like Symphony X and Kamelot inspired them, but I also have to think of Arena... The vocals should be a bit more up-front, especially when the backing vocals set in. But that's just the mix. On Shattered Mirror they seems to hold back a bit, it's like the want to be more powerful... Here the vocals are more up-front and Capljic shows a bit more variety. With their last track Red Ocean they speed up a bit. Fast drumming and heavy riffs, but always very melodic. The keyboard stays a bit more in the back, a more guitar-based song. Some neo-classical guitar part in the middle, then back with some progressive elements - and more keyboard.
Great songs and the sound quality is good - for a demo. Singer Marko Capljic is doing a good job, but should express emotions a bit more. But I guess working with a producer will change this... The band has potential, the songs should made it onto the debut album. But need to be overdone. I think it's mainly about the mix. As they are working on their debut album this is just an appetizer and I don't judge demos as critical as regular CDs. But you should keep an eye on this Serbian band!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt

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