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On disc: A Chinese Firedrill

- Circles - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars



(ProgRock Rec. - 2008

Bassist Joey Vera is active for more then 25 years and for a long time a member of Armored Saint and Fates Warning. The Californian is a workoholic and so it's no surprise that he is releasing now A Chinese Firedrill's album Circles. Vera played everything but drums, these were played by his friend Greg Studgio.
Opening with Circles it shows the musical direction Mr. Vera chose this time. The song is inspired by bands like Pink Floyd and Rush, but quite heavy. Heavy riffs mixed with progressive elements and some parts have a Fates Warning touch.... The vocals are very laid back... Easy to listen, not too challenging... Circles lead over into Automatic Fantasy which gets due to the percussion a totally different atmosphere... Quite Floyd-ish. The classical acoustic guitar part is a surprise - and later the return to that acoustic theme to lead out Automatic Fantasy. A wind blowing and some piano leads into Siúcra - Irish for sugar. Perhaps the song which most easily to get in.
You can let yourself been carried away from the music... Floating on the sounds... An interesting piece of music which grows with every spin. The music is hard to describe... Art rock with some metal elements... But I guess this is an album you have to check out yourself, make up your mind... You might love it or it won't touch you at all. Its a cool album which will make friends, but it's not designed for the masses!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt

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