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On disc: Acacia Avenue

Acacia Avenue - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Acacia Avenue

Acacia Avenue
(Lion Music - 2010)

Acacia Avenue is a new project of Section A guitarist Torben Enevoldsen which feat. Tony Mills among others. Torben Enevoldsen wanted to write some songs which are close to the music which influenced him - and soon he had about 20 songs. The best made it onto the Acacia Avenue debut.
The opening track is called Don't Call Me Tonight and melodic hard rocker is sung by Tony Mills. The song is based on 80's hard rock and AOR, but due to the heavy guitar riffing it's pushing the boarders of melodic metal. At the following Hold On Geir Rönning is taking over the vocals, this tune reminds me a bit of old Foreigner... And the vocals of Radioactive's Geir Rönning also have a dash of Lou Gamm in it... Cool guitar solo. Btw, Torben Enevoldsen not just wrote the songs, he play guitar on all tracks as well as keyboard and partly bass. He even sang two songs. On Jamie's In Love Mr Enevoldsen takes care of the lead vocals, he said that the wanted to create music which is based on his influences - and one of the bands he named was Giant. At Jamie's In Love the influence from Giant shines through. This song brings back the 80's! At Can't Make You Stay Torben Lysholm is adding the vocals and even if the voices don't differ a lot, it's the details which make it interesting to listen to the different singers. The instrumental Mad Antenna is like the half-time break, here the guitar sings. Torben Enevoldsen shows his talent without pushing too far. Mr. Mills is presenting Wait No More, a cool balladesque rocker. One of my favorites on Acacia Avenue! And it's follow by another one of favorite of mine - No Looking Back which is sung by Geir Rönning again. Let Go is another heavy one and has a dash of 70's rock. With keyboard they kick off the closer Digging which features one more time Geir Rönning. Catchy one. Good closer, coz it will make you spin the album again!
The songs shouldn't be innovative, the songs should just transport the love to this kind of music - and they really do that!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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