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On disc: Abyss Of Pain

Professing Through Terror - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

Professing Through Terror

Professing Through Terror
(Crash & Burn Records - 2010)

I must admit I wasn't too thrilled at being asked to review this album due to it being labelled as Grindcore, a genre which I'm not a fan of. However, I buried my reservations deep and clicked play. Damn, I'm glad I did!
Far from being some useless grindcore band playing ten second 'songs' this Italian band are more deathgrind. The vocals of Bibi are unrelentingly harsh, guttural and completely unintelligible. In other words completely suited to the music even if not to my personal taste.
Musically this entire album is a powerhouse of grinding beats and monstrous riffs. I found it impossible to keep still whilst listening! If my head wasn't nodding to the beat my feet were tapping in synch with the drums. The songs average about three minutes in length and this is plenty of time to have your head crushed by Abyss Of Pain! Don't expect the technical proficiency of bands such as Nile and Necrophagist, or the melody of Amon Amarth, this is all about banging your head and cracking some skulls in the pit!

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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