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On CD: Abydos

- Abydos - Monika Schmidt - 8 stars



(InsideOut Music - 2004)

Who or what is Abydos? Well, this is the first solo album of Vanden Plas singer Andy Kuntz. In the past Andy Kuntz took part in rock musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita. The year 2003 was a rough year for the singer and he used the experience to write a play. Musically the album is based on the 70's rock musicals, but Kuntz and his companions Michael Krauss and Stefan Glass added some progressive parts, orchestral pieces, melancholy pop melodies and huge choirs. Btw, on drums Vanden Plas member Andreas Lill.
The story... A boy - his name is Fly - has to go through some lost and is finding his way back into life. A life full of light and shadows... Of happiness and sorrow. The travel starts with You Broke The Sun. Far Away From Heaven has some violin parts and describes his feelings at his fathers grave. With Radio Earth they recorded a song which could be aired; it's more mainstream.
I can recommend this album to fans of progressive rock / 70's rock musicals. But also fans of Vanden Plas will like this one. A very ambitious project. Perhaps the play will make it onto stage, coz the album is just the core of the story. Btw, you shouldn't pick single songs. The magic only develops when you listen to the whole piece. Enjoy it!

8 stars

Monika Schmidt

(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)

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